Since we started to manage the hostel of Astitz in 1999, we have acquired a great experience working with youth and school children, and every year thousands of students from many schools and associations pass through our facilities. Among them we can mention the San Fermin Ikastola of Zizur Txikia (Navarre); the Centre of Education Remontival of Lizarra (Navarre); the school of the Jesuitinas of Tolosa (Gipuzkoa); the Olabide Ikastola, of Gasteiz (Araba), etc.
All these and many other schools have enjoyed activities programs that combine the playful and the pedagogic aspects: “Enjoying Aralar”, “Dear farm”, “Knowing the way of life of our ancestors”, etc.
In 2008 the hostel of Astitz was awarded the certificate of the commitment to quality tourism SICTED (Integral system of quality tourism destination). Since then, we annually renew our commitment to quality, while maintaining that certification.
All this is made possible by our team of pedagogues that makes up this team, allowing our visitors to enjoy the facilities of the hostel of Astitz and attractive programs of activities in the nature. All programs are directed and coordinated by competent and professional educators.



Also during the weekends you can enjoy the programs of activities organized by the hostel of Astitz. These programs are variable and designed according to the needs and characteristics of the concerned group.
Depending on the age of the participants (adults and/or children), there is the option of having the supervision of our pedagogues 24 hours a day, or do so only during the execution of activities.
See rates and the multiple possibilities of enjoying a weekend in the countryside.