With all of you we’ve gone to the cave of Mendukilo, we’ve crossed the forest  to arrive to Peruharri, we’ve danced with Stella and all friends from Cymru, we’ve taken our bikes along the Green Way of Plazaola, we’ve climbed to the trees at Beigorri Parke Aventura, we’ve drunk the milk from Lacturale, we’ve been bewitched by Potxin and Patxin’s balances, we’ve taken the kayak along Larraun little river, we’ve hung on to the trapeze, we’ve visited Galtzagorriak’s village, we’ve sung with Fermin Balentzia, we’ve savoured  the chicken-wings and the lemon cream…, all of us have smiled, danced and enjoyed some parties together; but it’s arrived the moment to say “good bye” to the Hostel of Astitz and the House of Colonies of Uitzi; and we would like to thank all of you sincerely because you have done with us this wonderful stretch of the way; Diolch! Ymlaen bob amser!