GR20: Aralar round

GR20 “Aralar round”  is a circular path of medium difficulty. We can cross its 85 kms. in six stages, during which we will cross all the villages seated at the feet of Aralar’s Mountains. One of these stages crosses the village of Astitz.

It is an eminently cultural tour, since not only we will visit the different villages, but also we will approach former hermitages, mills, foundries, dolmens, sources of rivers, etc. This GR gives us the possibility to connect with the GR 12 “Basque Country tour” and with the  GR 21 “Ignacien Path”. In addition, it allows us to connect with the ten PR of Plazaola, “Ways of Larraun”.

For further information, you can visit the website of the Mountain Federation of Navarre.