The House of Colonies of Uitzi, ORIXENEA

Orixenea has 60 beds in 4 rooms.


The House of Colonies of Uitzi, old school in the village, is named Orixenea after the fact that the basque writer Nikolas Ormaetxea, Orixe (1888-1961) studied here. He was born the third brother in Orexa (Gipuzkoa), but his mother was not able to charge the three children and led Nikolas to Uitzi.


Orixenea has 60 beds in 4 rooms. All rooms enjoy natural lighting and also have central heating. The use of the low sheet and pillow with its corresponding cover is included inside the rates. Also, anyone can have blanket for free.

The multipurpose room

In addition, our visitors can use the multipurpose room of the ground floor, equipped with audio-visual media.


The reading room

On the first floor is the reading room, as well as the activity room, where the children have fun with the board games.


Kitchen and Dining room

Orixenea, the House of Colonies of Uitzi, has an industrial kitchen and dining room with 60 seats. Groups who book the full House of Colonies with right to the use of kitchen freely have this kitchen, which is perfectly equipped and has full crockery and all the necessary appliances: microwave oven, dishwasher, deep fryer, coffee maker, refrigerator, etc.


Swings and fronton

On the outside of Orixenea, and next to the church of Uitzi, are the swings which delight the little ones, as well as the pediment (modality plaza libre) where children and adults entertain, making a beautiful picture of this traditional basque rural village.