School programs

As in the hostel of Astitz, all games, workshops and activities enjoyed by schoolchildren who visit us in Orixenea, the House of Colonies of Uitzi, are organized, coordinated and directed by our professional pedagogues, obtaining a philosophy of work and pedagogical guidance consistent and affine in both hostels.

Since motivated by our experience in the hostel of Astitz, we decided to extend our know-how to Orixenea, many groups of school children have visited us and we have shared with them time, space, ideas and experiences. As example we cite the Waldorf School, of Aravaca (Madrid); the Parents Association of college public Los Sauces, from Berriozar (Navarra); college La Salle, of Zarautz (Gipuzkoa), Ikastola Eguzkibegi , of Galdakao (Bizkaia) and all the others who we remember cheerfully.

All these groups have enjoyed the activities programs of Orixenea, where we combine the playful and the pedagogic aspects: “Uitzi: see and breathe”, “Knowing the way of life of our ancestors”, etc.

On the other hand, from July 2011 we assume a new challenge, organizing (in collaboration with the Caja Rural of Navarre) summer camps (for more information about them, you can see News section).

Weekend programs

Also during the weekends you can enjoy the programs of activities organized by the House of Colonies of Uitzi, Orixenea. These programs are variable and designed according to the needs and characteristics of the concerned group.

Depending on the age of the participants (adults and/or children), there is the option of having the supervision of our pedagogues 24 hours a day, or do so only during the execution of activities.

See rates and the multiple possibilities of enjoying a weekend in the countryside.