Villages and customs

Genuineness everywhere.

In the municipality of Larraun lived 1200 people in the 16 districts that make up the municipality: Albiasu, Astitz, Aspiroz, Baraibar, Errazkin, Etxarri-Larraun, Gorriti, Iribas, Lezaeta, Madoz, Mugiro, Oderitz and Uitzi.


Land traditionally devoted to agriculture and livestock grazing, strives to share their cultural wealth with visitors, pushing the Consorcio Turístico Plazaola with the neighboring municipalities of Lekunberri and Leitza.


Not only the tradition of the work of the land remains alive in Larraun and its surroundings, also the ancient legends remain in the memory of its people.

The villages

Mainly small villages, in recondite valleys but close to the principal road links. All our villages are respectful with the traditional architecture represented by the farm, which here is characterized by the elegance, sobriety and hardiness. Stone and wood, essence of our valleys.


Rural sports

Labor turned into sport. The epicentre of the basque rural sport ist very close to our valleys. Mieltxo Saralegi and Iñaki Perurena, the lifter of stones, mythical players of basque pelota as Galarza or currently Barriola and Bengoetxea are some examples of the passion with we live rural sports here.


Our festivities

In the month of January, the weekend following the celebration of the Epiphany we disguise in the carnivals of Uitzi. In addition, the following Sunday (or the previous one) to the festivity of Santa Engracia (16th April), we enjoy the annual pilgrimage to the Hermitage of Santa Engrazia. All this without forgetting that on 29th September, festivity of San Miguel, we celebrated the festivities of Uitzi.


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